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Founder & Owner

My name is Mian Mudassar and I’m the Founder & Owner of Unique Tech Ideas.


What is the main purpose and why do we need to create this website?

The simple answer is “Our passion is to provide the latest technology updates to the people”. That people can know easily about everything in tech and will use them in their daily life.

What we are doing for our readers?

We publish the latest Tech Articles, Tech Blogs, Tech News, Tech Updates, and many other topics as well as Gadgets, Reviews, Software, Apps, Artificial Intelligence Categories, etc…

Moreover, most people read our pages and posts on daily routines and apply them to them in their life. Many people ask for the next blogs because they love to read articles on Unique Tech Ideas.

Contact Us for Services

Due to the Big request and Client’s Demands, Unique Tech Ideas has started the publish Unique, Well Written, Interesting, Plagiarism free, and 800+ to 2000 words of content as per demand. As people can read also other thoughts about the tech on our blog.

Services name,

We provide some service to our Clients as per request, suppose,

Guest Post Articles

Link Insertion (Link in Existing Articles)

Sponsored Post Articles

Banner Advertising

Homepage Backlink

SEO Service

We will publish your guest post articles with dofollow backlinks without any tags/labels and the content will be indexed on Google 100%. That will make a source of ranking on Google for your website page Or post.

Requirements Required

If you want to publish your content on our website Unique Tech Ideas. So you need to follow some Guidelines.

1- Well Researched Technology keywords. In addition, It means the keyword should be low competition with high Search Volume.

2- The content should be uniquely Well Written, Interesting, and Plagiarism free with keywords optimized in the content.

3- Content word length should be 800+ words to 2000 words per content.

4- One Dofollow Backlink is best for publishing content.

5- One High-Quality Image should be in the article.

These are some important requirements for you to publish your content on Furthermore, if you follow these requirements, so your content will be published permanently on the website.

I will appreciate your positive collaboration. If you will link back to our website as dofollow on your website also.

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Mobile: +9203100700017

Facebook:  Mian Mudassar Facebook Page

Thanks & Regards