Downloaded Music Not Showing on iPhone Downloaded Music Not Showing on iPhone

7 Solutions When the Downloaded Music Not Showing on iPhone?

Does your iPhone not show the downloaded songs? Some iPhone users have reported encountering downloaded music not showing on the iPhone issues. Some iOS users claimed that they were experiencing this problem after the iOS update.  

The method to resolve the issue depends on the reason. So, let’s first discover the reasons for downloaded music not appearing on Apple Music. Here, you’ll find the reasons as well as potential solutions.

Why Is Apple Music Not Downloading?

You’re downloading a song for free from your favorite artist on your iPhone, but you don’t see it anywhere on your phone. 

Since some apps on Mac and iPhone are paid, you might be wondering how to download songs on iPhone for free. Well, a few options will enable you to do that. For instance, you could use Spotify or Soundcloud to listen to music without actually downloading the tracks on your device.

Sometimes it happens that the Downloaded Music folder in Apple Music has disappeared. Many reasons would be responsible for this. The most common reason is signing out of Apple ID. 

It will remove or delete downloaded songs from the iPhone. However, sometimes certain configurations in the Settings of your iPhone could lead to deleting songs from Apple Music.

Restart Your iOS Device (Downloaded Music Not Showing on iPhone)

Try restarting your iPhone as a primary solution. Apple recommends closing the app and restarting the iPhone to fix issues associated with downloading. Doing this will help in preventing system glitches that make downloaded music not appear on iPhone.

For iPhone 6s or earlier, click Power and Home for a few seconds. Release them on getting the Apple logo. Tap these buttons for seconds until you notice the Apple logo on iPhone7/7 Plus. For iPhone 8 and later, hold and release the Volume –/+ button with the Side button.

to Apple ID

As discussed, signing out of Apple ID on your iPhone will render your downloaded music inaccessible. It may make Apple Music not play downloaded songs. So, be sure you’re signed in to your Apple ID on your iPhone.

Launch your iPhone’s Settings and choose iTunes and App Store. If your Apple ID is not connected to your device, click on the Sign In button to sign in. Submit accurate Apple ID credentials and click the Sign In button.

Re-enable Apple Music

Whether you disable Apple Music accidentally or intentionally, it will make your downloaded music inaccessible. To restore them on your iPhone, enable Apple Music and iTunes Library Sync again.

To go about it, open Settings on your device and choose Music. Enable ‘Show Apple Music’ and ‘Sync Library Options’. If already enabled, disable and re-enable them. To check if it resolves the issue, reboot your iPhone.

Check iCloud and Music Settings

Update your connection if you can sync your music library with iCloud. It will help in ensuring everything is downloading completely and properly. So, it’s good to double-check your device’s iCloud and Music settings.

Open your iPhone’s Settings app and click Music to open it. Check if Show Apple Music, Add Songs to Playlist, Sync Library, and Mobile Data is enabled. Turn them off and wait for some time if already activated. Turn on these options again.

Disable Optimize Storage (Downloaded Music Not Showing on iPhone)

Lack of storage space on your iPhone may not allow Apple Music songs to download. So, check the storage space and make the required adjustments. For this, turn off the ‘Optimized Storage’ feature to delete unwanted downloaded songs automatically.

Access the Settings menu and choose Music. Click Optimized Storage by scrolling to the Downloads at the bottom. If enabled, click the button next to this feature to turn it off. It will not allow the automatic deletion of downloaded songs from your Apple Music.

Check Internet Connection

Another solution you can try is double-checking the internet connection on your iPhone. Music will download more quickly and properly when using Wi-Fi. However, you can also download it over your iPhone data by activating it in settings.

Launch your iPhone’s Settings app and then double-check your Wi-Fi connectivity. Move to other networks if possible. Turn off Wi-Fi if you can’t change to another Wi-Fi network. Click Cellular to turn on your mobile data.

Update Apple Music App and Software (Downloaded Music Not Showing on iPhone)

Use an updated model of your Apple Music App. To fix downloaded music not showing on the iPhone library or cloud, update the app. Also, update your iPhone software to make it more powerful.

Click Updates on the App Store. Find ‘Update’ and click it if any update is pending. To update the iPhone system, go to Settings, select General, and click Software Update. Then, click the Install Now button.

The Conclusion

Apple Music is a widely used online streaming platform to download music or songs to listen to offline. Furthermore, It proves extremely useful in enjoying your favorite song when you can’t stream them due to a bad internet connection.

So, in case you can’t find some or all of those downloaded songs on Apple Music, find the reason. Based on that, restore them with the above-mentioned solutions. When none of these methods prove useful, contact the Apple Support Community.