georgia tech loyola chicago prediction georgia tech loyola chicago prediction

The Main Pros and Cons of Georgia Tech Loyola Chicago Prediction

The games that play the 8-seeds against the 9-seeds are often close, but the committee made this one tough to watch. According to the KenPom ratings, Loyola Chicago is one of the top 10 teams in the country and has the best defense. Since the 12th of January, the Ramblers have only suffered one defeat. A team from Drake, who received an at-large berth, defeated them on the road in overtime by one point. Meanwhile, Georgia tech Loyola Chicago prediction could go to the ACC Tournament semifinals thanks to the fact that they finished in fourth place in the conference.

In Greensboro, North Carolina, they won the ACC Tournament. Two devastating defeats in November ruined what was otherwise an impressive résumé that would have warranted a substantially better seed in the tournament. Two red-hot teams are lower in the seeding than Illinois, and both are eager to play the Fighting Illini in the second round.

Even negligible advantages might be decisive in this game. There have been some recent events that could have an impact on your bet.

Loyola Chicago:

Greetings, Shane McNichol! The Ramblers are the lowest-seeded team in this tournament, according to Ken Pomeroy’s statistical models. Which makes them the team with the best chance of winning. Regarding the disparity between their KenPom rating and their tournament seed, the analysis conducted by Matt Norlander of CBS Sports reveals that Loyola Chicago is among the most underseeded teams in college basketball history.

The Ramblers do so well in analytical models because of their defense. Which has the highest Adjusted Defensive Efficiency rating of any team in the whole country. These teams won an average of 2.54 games throughout the tournament. There were thirteen teams total, and they then managed to win at least one game throughout the tournament.

There were a total of those teams, and eight of them advanced to the second weekend of the tournament. Cameron Krutwig, one of the most intelligent players in the country, anchors the Loyola defense as the team’s starting point guard.

His reading and excellent defensive reaction abilities compensate for his physical shortcomings. Such as sluggish feet and a lack of verticality. Opponents will likely try to force Krutwig to defend ball screens one after the other to evaluate his mobility and, maybe, lure him into foul trouble.

The Ramblers have an uphill battle whenever Krutwig is out of the game. He operates from the high post, which has earned him the moniker “Jesuit Jokic” because he directs the Loyola attack.

According to the On/Off statistics provided by Hoop-Explorer, Loyola’s assist rate decreases. While the team’s turnover rate increases when the Ramblers play without their big man. When the Ramblers play off of Krutwig. It indicates that they want to slow the tempo of the game down in the half-court and search for high-quality shooting opportunities. College basketball’s leading scorer is AherUguak.

He does all of his damage near the rim and makes two-point shots at a % that ranks sixth best in the nation.

Georgia Tech Loyola Chicago Prediction

The Yellow Jackets, in the opinion of Pat McMahon, are one of the hottest teams currently playing. The Yellow Jackets are currently riding an eight-game victory streak, including a run to the ACC Tournament championship. The team captained by Josh Pastner had its fair share of difficulties early on.

But it has made an unbelievable comeback and has found its stride in the last month. Although the 9-seed Yellow Jackets were dealt a difficult hand in the tournament’s bracket. This Yellow Jackets team is not the kind to whine or shrink from a task.

The consistent performance of senior point guard Jose Alvarado has contributed to the very effective offense that Georgia Tech has. Alvarado has been an example of constancy and excels in all aspects of his work. He shoots efficiently from the field (51 percent), beyond the arc (39 percent), and from the free throw line (85 percent), averaging 15.3 points a contest.

Additionally, he is first on the team in assists (4.1 per game) and first in the conference in thefts (3.0). A powerful combination is formed when Alvarado, the ACC Player of the Year Moses Wright, and backcourt teammate Michael DeVoe are all on the same team.

Game Details

Wright averages 17.4 points per game and is a force to be reckoned with in the post. Defensively, he is also a formidable opponent. DeVoe has been one of the most efficient scorers this season from outside the arc, shooting 40.1% from beyond the arc.

He is the ideal complement to Alvarado, and when both players hit their stride from long range. This squad is a nightmare for the opposition to defend. The defense started to a rough start, but they made significant strides toward improvement as the season progressed.

It is quite effective at causing turnovers and ranks 15th in the country in the percentage of turnovers caused by opponents (22.3 percent). In terms of the number of thefts that they average each contest, Alvarado, Wright, and Jordan Usher are all among the top 10 players in the ACC. The Yellow Jackets thrive when they can force turnovers by their opponents and convert those turnovers into points for themselves.

Analysis of the Matchup and Betting Opportunities:

Shane McNichol believes that an unusual mismatch could determine the crucial moment of this contest. Jose Alvarado is the quarterback on offense for Georgia Tech. While on defense for Loyola Marymount, Cameron Krutwig is the outspoken defense leader.

If Alvarado can regularly push Krutwig out of position in pick and roll situations. Then Georgia tech Loyola Chicago prediction will have a much better chance of scoring points in this game.

However, if Krutwig can compete on his own. The best defense in the country should have little trouble with the Yellow Jackets. Moses Wright, the ACC Player of the Year, was deemed ineligible to play in the game due to COVID-19 regulations. Which made things a little easier for the Ramblers. It is expected that Loyola Chicago will have the advantage defensively without Wright. Which would make things more difficult for Alvarado.

Porter Moser, the head coach of the Ramblers, has greater flexibility and opportunity for creativity now that he does not have Wright as a scoring option as the screener. Wright’s absence will impact the Yellow Jackets’ ability to defend the opposite end of the floor.

Because of his stature and quickness. He would have been able to provide a challenge to Krutwig and push other Ramblers players to score. Loyola Chicago will try to get high-quality shots and the most out of every possession if Georgia Tech can prevent them from forcing turnovers.

Conclusion Georgia Tech Loyola Chicago Prediction

If you did not get Loyola Chicago before the line changed due to the absence of Wright. Then there is probably not much value in betting this game against the spread. However, considering that this should be a defensive struggle and that Georgia Tech won’t have Wright. Who averages more than 17 points a game, the under seems like the more reasonable bet in this scenario.